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Why you need facility management software for your school

It doesn’t matter what kind of facility you manage – from hotels to developments, and even warehouses – the implementation of management software is crucial to your ability to complete tasks at a high level. This is true of school facility management as well, with many facets of the job becoming increasingly difficult without technology’s aide. If you’re in school facility management and are unsure on whether software is right for you, here are a few ways it can help improve your productivity. 

Keep track school equipment assets

Schools need a wealth of assets to effectively teach kids, and these range from everything including playground equipment to computers. By implementing software, not only can you create an easy-to-access database of all these assets, but you can use in-built calendars to create a preventative maintenance schedule so everything can stay up to code for the students. 

Manage contractors

Speaking of maintenance, software can also allow you to create a database of contractors. This helps you contact the right contractor for the right job, but it doesn’t stop there. You can add in contact details, personalised notes and even upload relevant documents. All this allows both you and the contractor to be better equipped if an issue arises. 

Stay on top of your invoicing

After your contractor fixes an issue, you can take their invoice and digitally upload it to your invoicing database. This allows you to create a bank of what needs to be paid to who, when it needs to be paid, and what your remaining total is. This means you’ll never misjudge your budget again. 

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