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Facility Manager

Facility Management made easy. From work order creation to building communication, our software and apps do it all.

MYBOS is Trusted by over 200 Global Companies

Hello Effortless Facility Management

Gain unmatched visibility into maintenance operations with MYBOS software. The work orders and maintenance module enables facility managers to effortlessly track work order status, access maintenance histories, and generate insightful reports.  make informed decisions based on data

Inspections Simplified with Smart Features

Simplify facility inspections using our Facility Management App. Whether you’re online or offline. Our inspection feature streamlines the process, saving you time, adding smarts such as QR code tagging ensuring consistency, transparency and efficiency. 

Meet Compliance with Confidence with a Range of Features

Boost compliance and transform asset management, Gain transparent insights into asset servicing, including service history and maintenance details. Proactively manage warranties, certificates and  assets for peak efficiency. Provide transparency with smart reporting features.  

End Paper Pain using our Cloud Document Library

Digitize your buildings documentation and move to paper-free! Easily save plans, warranties, instruction documentation, upload and share pictures and documents with contractors, streamline communication and eliminate the need for paperwork and archiving. 

With 75+ features, MYBOS has a solution for a range of challenges

  • Elevate Operations: Unlock Efficiency and Simplify Maintenance Processes
    With MYBOS, changing a lightbulb won’t require a team effort anymore. Our software provides unparalleled visibility into maintenance operations. Facility managers can easily track work orders, view maintenance histories, and generate reports, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and optimise maintenance processes. Say goodbye to manual tracking and embrace the efficiency of MYBOS, where streamlined maintenance operations become a reality.
  • Smart Inspections for Facility Managers: Ditch the Headache of Slow and Inefficient Processes!”
    Say goodbye to the burdensome task of manual facility inspections. MYBOS’s inspection feature offers a digital solution that revolutionises the inspection process, ensuring optimal efficiency, eliminating inconsistencies, and providing enhanced transparency. Our platform simplifies your workload, empowering you to prioritise and improve the overall quality of your building. Let MYBOS streamline your facility inspections, freeing up valuable time and resources for driving excellence
  • Compliance Made Easy: Simplify Contractor Management with MYBOS
    Are you troubled by the liability involved in overseeing contractors for your facility? Say goodbye to those concerns with MYBOS’s Contractor Management feature, which simplifies the process and guarantees complete compliance. With automated vetting and effortless document uploads, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility is in capable hands and shielded from any risks.
  • Paperwork-Free Efficiency – Work Smart not Hard
    Say farewell to the drowning effect of paperwork as MYBOS comes to your rescue. Bid adieu to the need for paperwork, filing, and ad hoc spreadsheets. By minimising potential inconsistencies, MYBOS’s streamlined solution enhances transparency and simplifies your Facility’s inspection process. Experience the power of efficiency and transparency with MYBOS, freeing you from the paperwork shackles.
  • Crystal Clear Forecasting: Transparency and Accuracy with MYBOS’s Budget and Financial Management
    In addition to its many advantages, MYBOS’s Budget and Financial Management feature brings the power of transparency to the forefront. By providing an accurate 12-month forecast, it eliminates guesswork and paperwork, allowing you to easily analyse and predict the required allocation for the upcoming year. With MYBOS, you gain a clear and precise understanding of the financial landscape, enabling confident decision-making and effective resource management.
  • Enhance Productivity and Reduce Paperwork with MYBOS Contractor Management
    Experience a transformative shift in maintenance operations as a facility manager with MYBOS. Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling a team for simple tasks like changing a lightbulb. Our advanced software solution streamlines the entire maintenance process, offering unparalleled visibility and efficiency. Track work orders, access maintenance histories, generate insightful reports, and proactively schedule preventive maintenance with ease. With MYBOS, facility managers gain complete control, making data-driven decisions, optimising processes, and ensuring a well-maintained and efficient facility.
  • Effortless Tenant Communication: MYBOS’s Media Screen Feature for Facility Managers
    Unleash the Power of Communication Transformation with MYBOS’s Media Screen Feature. More than just a facility management tool, it’s a comprehensive solution that revolutionises the way you connect and engage. Empowered with the ability to showcase PDFs, JPEGs, and text, these versatile screens cater to a myriad of applications. Whether you seek to deliver real-time updates, amplify your brand presence, or infuse a touch of creativity into your facilities’ ambiance,
  • Enhancing Building Management – BFMS

    BFMS’s journey with MYBOS began in the beta days of v1, a testament to their forward-looking approach. Their partnership with Sam, the MYBOS visionary, was more than a mere transaction – it involved active collaboration. Sam integrated BFMS’s insights into the development of version 1, fostering a sense of ownership and shared evolution. This symbiotic relationship began around 2012, setting the stage for a transformative shift in their operations.
  • Building Management Optimised – Structure BM

    Structure Building Management, under the leadership of Managing Director Mite Domazetovski and Building Manager Sam, manages an extensive portfolio of properties that have benefited from MYBOS for over a decade. With a remarkable portfolio comprising 12,500 lots across 100 buildings, MYBOS is the preferred choice for 80% of their building managers.

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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