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Facility management software will help you with these three issues

By now you probably know the basics of what facility management software can offer: an integrated preventative maintenance schedule, the ability to mass communicate with your residents, a database for your contractors, and more. However, a really good state of the art piece of facility management software can offer so much more. Keeping that in mind, here are a few lesser known features good facility management software should offer. 

Maintaining by-laws

Good facility management software will give you the ability to create a list of by-laws to help you maintain and govern your facility. These could include garbage disposal, general cleanliness or rules for keeping pets. The main idea is to create a detailed list your whole staff will have access to as well being easy to refer to when needed. 

Monitoring parking breaches

If you manage any type of facility with onsite parking – think commercial buildings, hotels or large scale residential buildings – you understand the difficulty of parking breaches. Good facility management software will allow you to catch any vehicle violating parking rules and let you add the date of breach, vehicle make and registration, the type of beach, as well as an image of the breach itself. This allows you to collate a list of repeat offenders to look out for. 

Manage your property’s knowledge base

Have you ever wanted an easy to create knowledge base? A curated list of standard operating procedures, as well as definitions and explanations that is completely accessible by you and your team from any device?  A good facility management software will allow you to create a comprehensive list much like this. Consider water heater shutdown instructions, how to run the FM service, and CCT footage for police instructions all conveniently located in one area.

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