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Building Managers

MYBOS is the system for you. From work order creation to building communication, MYBOS does it all.
MYBOS is Trusted by over 200 Global Companies

Time is Money – Turn Days into Minutes with Smart Reporting

Leverage robust reporting and analytics functionality, streamline time-consuming manual tasks like locating work orders and manipulating data within Excel spreadsheets. With all your data conveniently accessible in a single platform, you’ll save valuable time and minimise the risk of errors.

Don’t Gamble with Compliance Management

With features that ensure your building adheres to all necessary regulations and standards. From document management to automated reminders and alerts, our software streamlines the compliance process, saving you time and effort. 

Maintenance Magic with MYBOS

Get unparalleled visibility into maintenance operations. With advanced features allowing for real-time tracking of maintenance activities, offering precise and current information on all ongoing tasks. The enhanced transparency guarantees that every stakeholder remains well-informed about maintenance activities.

Easy Communication with Integrated Messaging

Effective Communication is Key to a Happy Community. The Email, SMS, and Notification features keep everyone informed. Building Managers can send messages directly to residents’ phones with Real-time app notifications ensuring quick and efficient issue resolution.

With 75+ features, MYBOS has a solution for a range of challenges

  • Enjoy 20/20 vision of your Maintenance management with MYBOS
    Enjoy a clear view of your Maintenance management. With MYBOS building managers achieve transparency in their maintenance operations. The software enables building managers to monitor maintenance activities in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date information on maintenance activities. This transparency ensures that all stakeholders are aware of maintenance activities, promoting open communication and efficiency.
  • Unlocking Peace of Mind: Navigating Preventative Maintenance and Amenity Bookings with Ease
    The MYBOS All-in-One Calendar is the ultimate solution for building managers. This intuitive dashboard provides complete visibility of your preventive maintenance schedule and streamlines your invoicing process with contractors. Eliminate manual record keeping and searching for multiple spreadsheets with our all-in-one calendar.
  • Boost Your Contractor Management Efficiency with MYBOS
    Revolutionise Your Building Contractors with MYBOS Looking for a way to streamline your contractor management processes? Our platform provides quick access to vetted suppliers, simplifies compliance management, and makes historical record keeping a breeze.
  • Building Bridges: Fostering a Happy and Connected Community
    Have you ever wished you could just send a quick text message to your occupants? With MYBOS’s Email, SMS and Notification feature, you can! Our SMS messaging feature makes it easy to send quick messages either as an SMS, Email or APP notification, and with the ability to attach photos and files, you can share important documents and images with ease.
  • Residential Portfolio Management: Conquer Challenges with a Smile
    Building Managers can streamline their workflows and achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency with MYBOS’s advanced features, including vendor and contract management, productivity metrics tracking, and personalised onboarding. The Portfolio Management feature allows you to manage your portfolio and concentrate on the strategic decisions that drive growth and success.
  • Sign-In Sheets No More: Embrace Effortless Amenity Requests
    By offering the Amenity Booking feature, MYBOS provides a cutting-edge solution to a prevalent issue faced by managers, occupants, and maintenance staff. This advanced feature eradicates the need for paper sheets when occupants wish to use building amenities, such as a gym, meeting room, or loading dock. As a result, occupants can conveniently book amenities from their smartphones or computers, while managers can monitor and manage amenity usage in real-time, streamlining the booking process and improving efficiency.
  • Wave Goodbye to Lost Documents: Harness the Power of our Cloud Document Library
    Tired of endless paper trails and frustrating searches for important documents? Say goodbye to all that with MYBOS’s Cloud Document Library feature! Securely access all your building’s crucial files from one centralised location. No more lost warranties or lease agreements! Simply log in to MYBOS and effortlessly find the documents you need, saving time and eliminating hassle.
  • Enhancing Building Management – BFMS

    BFMS’s journey with MYBOS began in the beta days of v1, a testament to their forward-looking approach. Their partnership with Sam, the MYBOS visionary, was more than a mere transaction – it involved active collaboration. Sam integrated BFMS’s insights into the development of version 1, fostering a sense of ownership and shared evolution. This symbiotic relationship began around 2012, setting the stage for a transformative shift in their operations.
  • Building Management Optimised – Structure BM

    Structure Building Management, under the leadership of Managing Director Mite Domazetovski and Building Manager Sam, manages an extensive portfolio of properties that have benefited from MYBOS for over a decade. With a remarkable portfolio comprising 12,500 lots across 100 buildings, MYBOS is the preferred choice for 80% of their building managers.

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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