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About Us

MYBOS is the system for you. From work order creation to building communication, MYBOS does it all.
MYBOS is Trusted by over 200 Global Companies

At MYBOS, it is our firm belief that an innovative approach to the use of technology holds the key to solving real world problems. We drive innovation in everything we do through simplicity, forming the core values of MYBOS.

Focusing on the sphere of facilities management, we empower facilities and building managers, occupants and owners through accessible, simple to use solutions. Our philosophy is a happy building manager and an even happier community.

Our History & Brand

The idea behind MYBOS began in 2011 with founder, Sam Khalef exploring career opportunities in facilities management. This led to the realisation that professionals in the facilities management industry did not have the relevant tools to easily fulfill their day-to-day duties.

Sam had an idea he believed would change the building management game and in 2012, this idea came to reality and MYBOS was born. Coming to life with a small team of enthusiastic professionals determined to stand out from the crowd and to make a real difference in the facilities management industry.

Success for the MYBOS team is reflective of the success of their customers and since the official MYBOS launch in 2012, the company has experienced phenomenal growth, with successful and satisfied customers in Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and Europe.

MYBOS is our brand name and flagship product, it stands for My Building Operation System. It is powerful, extendable, scalable cloud-based building management platform for Managers, Owners and Tenants in multi-occupancy buildings.

Trusted by over 500 companies globally, 2.200 + buildings and over 250,000 + residents and owners, MYBOS is leading the way in facility management software.

Our Philosophy & Values

Our success comes from the success of our customers across the globe and our customers are the key drivers of our product innovation, design and development. Our philosophy is to empower our users and to facilitate their ultimate level of success, supporting every step of their journey.


Embracing Diversity, Fostering Unity

At MYBOS, We treat our team members, clients, and partners with utmost respect, fostering a culture of mutual understanding and appreciation. This fundamental value ensures that every voice is heard, and diverse perspectives are embraced, creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all.


Success through Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusivity lays at the heart of MYBOS, as we believe that diversity enriches our company’s fabric. We actively cultivate an inclusive workspace that celebrates individual differences and encourages everyone to bring their authentic selves to work. 

Innovation and Efficiency

Unleashing Potential through Revolutionary Solutions

We continuously strive for innovation and efficiency in all aspects of our operations. By embracing a culture of innovation, we encourage our teams to think outside the box and seek creative solutions to complex challenges.


Excellence Defined, Expectations Exceeded

Professionalism is at the core of how we conduct business at MYBOS. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, ethics and accountability, ensuring that our interactions with clients and stakeholders are always professional and respectful.

Positivity and Collaboration

Forging Synergy, Inspiring growth

At MYBOS we value a positive and collaborative work environment, which empowers every team member to thrive and grow. Collaboration is deeply ingrained in our company culture, ultimately leading to solutions that drive value to our clients.


Unrivalled Integrity, Lasting Trust

We view honesty as being paramount to our entire operations. We uphold transparency and open communication in all our endeavours. At MYBOS We believe in being forthright with our clients, partners, and team members, which helps establish trust and credibility.

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Ready to unlock the full potential of MYBOS?

We are pleased to offer a free live demo of our software. This demo will give you a first hand look at how MYBOS can help you streamline your properties management processes and improve your overall efficiency.