Strata Management Software

A well-recognised vehicle for property ownership, strata management involves making sure that the day-to-day operation of multi-occupancy developments runs smoothly. Although the ultimate aim of any strata venture is to make money, it’s clear that some are far more successful in achieving this outcome than others.

If you have particular expertise in one type of strata development (for example small units, or large ones), it’s more likely that you’re going to turn them into a profitable enterprise. With so many different developments out there and room on the market for more strata projects, deciding where your skillset lies and then acquiring niche expertise in that area can be a great way to boost your bottom line. Get in touch to find out more about how the Mybos Strata management software could help to take your strata management success to the next level.

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Community Engagement

Manage your resident’s maintenance requests, bookings, documents and property announcements.

SMS / Email Notification

Notify your owners / tenants via our SMS and Emails options

Public Display

Utilise the MYBOS online public display portal which uses your branding to display special offers and important building notifications to owners and tenants

Calendar Booking

Effortlessly manage your property’s amenity bookings with MYBOS calendar bookings.


Communicate effectively with 15+ language options.

Customise your own landing Page

Give your property the attention it deserves. MYBOS let’s you reflect your branding and customise a landing page to suit your property’s needs.


Allow your residents to effortlessly access their property documents.

Business Director

View local businesses around your property such as shops, trades, community areas with the Business Directory.

Parcel Management

Complete workflow from parcels receipt to delivery.

Building Management Portal

Empower your managers to better run your property with MYBOS.

Owner/Tenant Database

Capture and store crucial information about your property owners and tenants. Backed by 256 SSL Security, your privacy is our priority.

Work Orders

MYBOS makes it easy keeping on top of your maintenance.


Keep on top of your contractor’s database by keeping contact information, documents and insurances.


Allow your managers and committee to easily approve invoices with the click of a button.

Over 40 years of professional engineering and management practice, in searching for suppliers for systems or services, I generally put little faith in testimonials and place more weight on testing the vendor’s claims through specification, discussion, and consultation with other users. That is how we found MYBOS in the first place and evaluated it against several other potential systems. Great find, no regrets.
Colin Knowles, Distillery Hill, Sydney

Solid product. Easy to use, easy to navigate, and a very convenient dashboard. Great customer service and very friendly people. Totally recommended.

Ron Pendergast, Diseno Apartments, Sydney