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What COVID-19 means for facility management

The recent emergence of the COVID-19 crisis has rocked the real estate industry, with new laws and regulations on how we can manage a facility and new information everyday on how best to protect your staff and tenants.

We have put together a list of what this crisis will mean for facility management in the coming months:

1. Facility managers will need to rapidly adapt by using technology

Facility management will shift and an increased focus on software such as MYBOS as the need to provide the same information and service without physical contact grows. There will be a change in how all buildings communicate with their tenants, and this needs to be a rapid progression in order to ensure all stakeholders are safe.

2. Inefficiencies in resources will be located

As we make changes to our day to day processes, we recognise major inefficiencies in how certain tasks were completed. The current climate offers building managers a rare opportunity to create new systems for future use and reduce the inefficiencies that currently stand.

This will come in the form of using technology across all aspects of the building management process, from internal staff meetings to contacting tenants. As we recognise how we can better manage both our team and our tenants, the future for facility managers could be more lucrative than ever before. Take this time to gain a better understanding of what it is you can improve on, and implement these changes in a timely manner.

3. Regular changes will need to be implemented quickly

Many businesses that continue to use traditional facility management systems will find they struggle to implement the changes necessary in an appropriate timeframe whilst still gaining the necessary data and information on a daily basis. As well as making the job of facility management teams more difficult, implementing changes such as reducing the physicial elements of servicing apartments or increasing the cleaning of public spaces within the building could prove to be overwhelming.

In facility management, it is imperative that businesses can continue to provide their services to the best of their ability, with any changes implemented highlighted to tenants and staff on a same day basis. The best way to do this is to adopt facility management software such as that offered by MYBOS.

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