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Three simple ways to go green in your building

Three simple ways to go green in your building

If you’re a developer, you may be looking at simple ways to go green in your building. Not only do energy efficient alternatives help the environment, they also reduce costs for those living in your buildings – which will attract more residents in the long run. If you’re looking for a few easy-to-implement ways to go green in your building, here are our tips. 

Solar panels

While it will come as a shock to no one, one of the best ways you can create a greener development is to install solar panels. While they do cost more to install than simply going with a coal powered development, you will be investing in the planet. Not to mention, many potential residents would love the opportunity to access solar power as it gives them cheaper bills, driving more competition to get into your development. Ultimately this is a win-win for every party involved.

Water-saving shower heads

Water-saving shower heads initially got a bad rap for being low pressure and unenjoyable to use. Recent years have seen a shift towards shower heads that save water without compromising on the overall experience. In particular, aerator shower heads blend with air, pushing out larger water drops that have the same size and feeling as those that come from a regular shower head. Most water-saving shower heads reduce water usage by 50%, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Paperless files

Allow residents to start their journey in going paperless by providing them with all the property files they may need in one convenient location. By implementing building management software with a file storage option, you can alleviate the need for excess paper. This can then have a trickle down effect as more residents try to go paperless in other aspects of their home life too. You can also go paperless in your day-to-day work life, further helping the environment.

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