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The tools you need for better facility management

Facility management can be tough, sometimes you can have so many balls in the air it’s hard not to drop one! With that said, nowadays there are many tools that managers can leverage to support better business practice and operations.

Tools that optimise company infrastructure and serve employees in a way that improves efficiency are what you are looking for. Remember, to maintain your equipment and team you need to continue to grow as an organisation.

Here are some technologies you can leverage:

Asset Management Systems

You need to have a good understanding of your physical assets and what they are responsible for in your business. This includes everything from company vehicles to the furniture in a hotel lobby. These days there are plenty of software options that can help you track physical assets and can provide you with maintenance reports to ensure effective working order of all of your assets.

Maintenance management systems

Maintenance reporting can help you understand what needs to be fixed and when it should be done. You can better provide preventative maintenance schedules when you know what needs to be fixed. This will help you better manage your resources and offer your staff a more direct line of communication. These systems can also help you provide work orders, which will streamline the process even further.

Access management tools

These can help you keep track of who is coming into your building when, which is especially pertinent to business during this time. COVID-19 means you need to ensure you are tracking who may have come into contact while providing your staff and customers with appropriate information and updates. There are multiple tools that can help you keep track of this, and can provide you with messaging systems to ensure your updates do not fall through the cracks.

Direct messaging

Keeping in touch with your customers is a vital part of customer service, and providing them with better access to you will support a positive experience. Technology can give your customers the ability to connect with you directly, through text or a personalised app. This will mean work orders can be dealt with swiftly, without having to make a call.

Personalised applications

Personalised applications can be created in your branding and can be used both internally and by your customers. Offering a new way to communicate, these tools are at the forefront of technology and can provide you with the ability to improve your service. Apps can give your customers fasting access to information and the ability to contact you at any time.

For access to all of the above technologies in one, simple to use system, visit and find out more about how you can leverage technology to improve your business.

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