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The benefits of digital communication in facility management

The benefits of digital communication in facility management

We all know the benefits of digital communication in the 21st century. So much of what we do in our daily lives is done in the digital space (take this article, for example). Facility management is no different – and while you may be across the importance of sending an email or a sms, there are a number of other methods of digital communication that have significant benefits for your facility and your team. Here are just a few of them.

Keeping your team informed with up-to-date databases

Giving your team full access to databases for tenants or contractors is an easy way to keep everyone up-to-date and informed. If any member of the team needs to find a number or a name, it’s easily accessible. Using management software means once you update a contact, everyone has access to it. This ultimately reduces the need for direct communication and allows everyone to perform tasks with less friction. 

Keeping residents informed with public displays

If you’re managing a building with residents and tenants, integrating the use of public displays in elevators or entryways is a simple but incredibly effective way to get important information across to a wide audience. Water service being temporarily cut? Air Conditioning not working on a floor? With the click of a button you can let everyone know.

Keeping yourself informed with graphs and reports

Sometimes digital communication isn’t done between two people, it’s between yourself and data. By using software that allows for the creation of timely graphs and reports, you can communicate and understand the ins and outs of your facility on a visual level. This means you spend less time trying to interpret data on a spreadsheet and more time trying to fix any issues that have caught your eye. 

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