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How you can reduce friction when managing your community

How you can reduce friction when managing your community

If you manage a community in your building it can be hard to get all your tasks done. At any given moment you have at least 10 jobs that are the highest priority, and it can be difficult to keep everyone happy. That’s why it is crucial for your productivity to keep the friction of managing your community to a minimum. Here are a few of the best ways to reduce friction and increase productivity. 

Maintenance requests

Implementing software to handle maintenance requests is a seamless way to streamline a process and reduce friction. A digital form can be accessed by both staff and tenants to allow for easy requests to be made. Simply fill out all the relevant information and the form is sent exactly where it needs to go. Meaning you no longer have to be involved in the process at all. 

Public displays

Adding public displays to communal areas such as elevators is a great way to send out mass communication at the click of a button. Displays can inform tenants of upcoming changes, outages or any events upcoming in the building. Not to mention it being digital means you can quickly amend or change the information at a moment’s notice. 

Broadcasting to tenants

Similarly, using software to send texts or emails is a simple way to further reduce friction. This can be done on a wide scale similar to public displays, but it can also be carried out to a small select group of people or even individuals. Having all your tenants details in one digital database means contacting them is as easy as typing their name. 

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