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How to prepare your facility for the cooler months

Autumn is well and truly here in Australia now. While we’re still a little while off of the truly cold months, it’s better to prepare your facility for the cool change now rather than later. If you’re looking for a few tips to really get your building ready for the cooler months, read on. 

Make sure you’re on top of your preventative maintenance

We all know the benefits of preventative maintenance, but never is it more critical to stay on top of it than prior to cold or hot seasons. If you’re having trouble keeping up-to-date, implement facility management software such as MYBOS. The interactive calendar feature makes setting up your preventive maintenance schedule a breeze. 

Upgrade to energy-saving assets where possible

The incoming cooler months are the perfect opportunity to upgrade any applicable assets to energy-saving ones. Not only are climate controls one of the biggest expenses for commercial facilities, but excessive use requires them to be maintained more frequently. Energy-saving alternatives will help the planet and your pocket in the long run. 

Perform a roofing check

Checking your roofing often gets left off the preventative maintenance schedule as it’s not an asset, but taking the time to perform a check on your roofing will ultimately benefit you. Your roof is a vital structure to your building, so take the time to check for possible areas that could cause leaks or water damage. 

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