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How to utilise software as a building developer

Whether you are about to start a new building development or you’re currently in the process of building a development, you will find that there is a strong need to utilise the correct software to assist with the process. The right software can help make it a seamless process for all parties involved. It can help minimise stress and improve the overall process. Software helps make the building process easier to manage, assist with communicating with owners/tenants, and make managing admin related tasks a breeze.

During the building process, it’s likely you may come across defects that need to be resolved. By using software, you’re able to capture the property defects and manage the workflow from start to finish (minus the spreadsheets and thousands of emails). Software also allows you to effortlessly manage building amenity bookings and manage your maintenance all in one place. 

How well you communicate with owners and tenants is the key to building and maintaining a strong relationship between both parties. Software enables you to easily notify your owners and tenants via SMS and email at a click of a button within minutes rather than relying on letters or phone calls which are less time effective. Software also allows for them to easily access their property documents, which helps minimise requests for documents and makes it a more transparent process. 

It’s important to remember that a building development isn’t finished when the building is finished being built, there’s day to day admin tasks that need to be considered and actioned. The key handover process can be tricky, however, software helps to effortlessly manage multiple keys for owners, tenants and contractors. Once all tenants and residents have moved into the development, you will need to ensure you have a system for parcel management. Software helps to manage the complete workflow of parcels from receipt to delivery by updating parcel statuses.

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