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Best amenities to include in your next development

Best amenities to include in your next development

If you’re a property developer, you will be more than aware of the important role amenities play not only in getting people into your property, but also in long-term satisfaction. By giving residents continuous value, you can ensure not only fierce competition to live in your building but also residents will want to live there indefinitely. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best amenities you should include in your next development.

Communal co-working spaces

With people working remotely becoming more commonplace, you can give your residents a substantial amount of value by crafting co-working areas. By providing an area for work-from-home residents to set up, you not only give them a change of pace from their own desk – but can also help create a sense of community throughout the building. By considering aspects such as comfortable seating, natural lighting and strong wifi, you can encourage residents to live in your building for longer.

Resident-driven software

Implementing software is a great way to simplify some aspects of your residents’ day-to-day lives. Tasks such as requests for maintenance, sms notifications and multilingual features will all help to improve communication between residents and building management. Not to mention further features such as business directories and public displays can be customised for your building’s needs. 

Pet-friendly features

Recent years have seen a shift towards pets being allowed in apartments, particularly in areas such New South Wales. With this in mind, there are a number of features to improve the quality of life for four-legged residents. Consider options such as pet drinking fountains, pet waste areas or complimentary pet treats within communal areas. If your building is a high-end apartment, amenities such as areas for dogs to socialise will go a long way in gaining interest for your building.

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