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Your streamlined guide to preventative maintenance in 2022

Like every aspect of facility management, preventative maintenance is an ongoing and ever evolving process. What was considered standard practice five or 10 years ago is now an outdated procedure, with new and improved ways of prioritising, scheduling and documenting happening all the time. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a small streamlined guide to carrying out preventative maintenance in 2022.

Leverage technology

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it doesn’t matter if you’re in hotel management, strata management or development, if you’re in facility management you need leverage technology. In the case of preventative maintenance, implementing the right software and tech can help you automate and curate your maintenance schedule. This means recurring events, reminders and an easy visual interface to let you see everything in one place. On top of this, if your software has a mobile version, you have access to this information wherever you are. 

Schedule based on frequency

Scheduling based on frequency is a simple principle, but one that can have a big effect on the longevity of your building’s assets. In essence, the more you use something, the more frequently you need to book it in for maintenance. This can also be applied further to assets used more on a seasonal basis. For example, get air conditioning units inspected more frequently before, during and after summer, but less so during the cooler months of the year. 

Document thoroughly

While it might sound obvious, proper documentation of your maintenance can help you and your contractors understand any recurring issues that might pop up for your assets. This means keeping track of times, dates, any paperwork, or even conversations had about said assets. Luckily, if you implement software there is usually an asset registration feature complete with its own documentation section. 

It is time to leverage technology as part of your preventive maintenance schedule? Head over to and experience the difference today.

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