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Why you need to create building rules and regulations

It’s an absolute must to set rules and regulations for your residents in your building. Without doing so, you run the risk of running into numerous problems such as dissatisfied residents, bad building reputation, tense relationships between residents, disputes, and a poorly presented building. When your building has a strong and clear set of rules for your residents to follow, this is when you will find your building running at it’s best.

By having building rules, it sets expectations for all of the residents in your building to abide by, it simply gives them boundaries on how to act. This is highly important as it helps to ensure residents don’t get agitated by each other’s behaviour and therefore minimises complaints. For example, by having a noise rule, it means that residents know when they can and can’t make noise. You’ll notice that these rules will help to keep your residents happy and therefore reside at your property for a long period of time because it essentially helps to create a happy and aligned community.

When it comes to creating your building rules, there are numerous rules to consider implementing around the themes of noise, vehicles, damage, rubbish disposal, moving, cleaning, animals and the external appearance of each building. You should be sure to include realistic rules that will keep the majority of your residents happy. Once you create a set of building rules, it’s crucial to ensure you regularly review these rules. As your building evolves, you need to ensure that your building rules evolve with the ever-changing circumstances in your building. When you do so, you should consider the feedback you receive around your rules. You can even think about common complaints you receive and how you can create building rules to help minimise these complaints if they are always around a frequent theme. It’s also a good idea to encourage feedback around the building rules so your residents feel valued.

To ensure your building rules are effectively implemented and abided by, you should consider making the rules easily accessible for all residents so they can refer back to them when necessary. By having technology such as an app for your building with building rules, it means your residents can access the rules whenever and wherever. If you want help on how to implement this technology, head to and book in a free demo.

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