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Why technology is useful for your tenants

As a tenant, a well-presented and well-located property aren’t the only factors that bring satisfaction from a building, it’s the entire experience as a whole. Adding in the right technology to your building’s systems for your tenants opens up an entirely new experience. Not only does it build a better relationship with your tenant, but it also means they are more likely to reside in your building for a longer period of time. Essentially, the more boxes your building ticks on their agenda, the better your tenants view the property as a whole. By integrating technology with tools such as an app, will open up better communication, informed updates, a sense of community and a platform to share local information. 

Communication is the key to creating a strong relationship with your tenants. By using technology, you’re able to send SMS and Email notifications directly to your tenants at the click of the button. Whilst these can be sent to specific tenants, technology allows for you to send bulk messages to a large group of people at once which saves time. The perk of this is that your message can be delivered on the same day without having to wait days for a letter to arrive in the mail. Another great perk of technology is that you are able to easily communicate in different languages with translation tools to accommodate your tenant’s language preference. 

By utilising technology with software such as MYBOS, it gives you the option to customise your own landing page and public display. By having your own landing page in the app, this means you’re able to create a page that is reflective of your building. This helps to make your tenants feel like they are a part of something bigger than just a property – a sense of community. The Public Display feature MYBOS offers allows you to communicate special offers and important building notifications when they log in. You can be rest assured knowing that your tenants always feel well informed and considered when you have tools like the public display implemented.

After a challenging year in 2020 for the economy, people seem to enjoy supporting local and understand why it’s so important. Fortunately, MYBOS offers a Local Business Directory that highlights the local restaurants, shops, trades, and community areas around your property. The app allows for this information to be sourced at any time, from anywhere. If you’re considering enhancing your tenant’s stay at your building, book a demo at MYBOS to see how the features mentioned can help, head to

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