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Why facility management software is important for schools

Facility management isn’t limited to hotels and apartments, schools are another space that needs vital building and service management. For the management of education spaces, you must consider the needs of staff, students and guests. There is a duty-of-care to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for children and teachers. 


By streamlining your process you can effectively spend more time where it matters.  Use software to maximise your space and ensure you are getting the most out of classrooms, gymnasium & outdoor facilities. You will additionally have access to data that will help you track what areas may need an increase (or decrease) in resources. This in turn will make your business more efficient and less wasteful. 

Cost effective

Through facility management software, you can keep track of your budgets while streamlining your invoices. Easily monitor your budget and see how much money is being spent on different services within your school. You can save time and money by choosing software that can assist with day-to-day maintenance, work orders, budgets and more.  


Maintaining and improving the quality of school facilities is an important factor as the physical space can impact retention and learning. By saving time streamlining your preventative maintenance you can monitor room for improvements around the campus.


There is high importance on the safety of equipment and buildings in schools. Facility management software can help you keep on top of maintenance reports and ensure the right person for the job is chosen for work orders. By leveraging this, you can stay on top of preventative maintenance and ensure a safe facility for students and staff.

The MYBOS school facility management software is the latest in efficient management technology. There’s over 50 different modules that can assist you in managing your education space. To learn more about MYBOS and how we can help you with building management, book a demo today.

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At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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