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Why a digital calendar is key in 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you work in hotel management or as a developer – facility management is a fast-paced profession with 1000 tasks that need to be completed at any given time. There’s only one real way to stay ahead of the game: organisation. We don’t need to list all the benefits of staying organised, we know if you’re a facility manager you already know and practice this. But we do think it’s time for you to throw away the old paper diary and move onto a digital calendar – and here’s why. 

Increase productivity with recurring events

We all have diary entries that we put in again and again. While the routine is great as it gets us into the swing of things, it’s also an unnecessary task that could be automated. Most digital calendars give you the ability to set up events as recurring. Regular meetings, workshops and even preventative maintenance tasks can all be set up and colour coded so you know exactly when they’re going to happen. 

Meetings constantly change

The nature of our fast-paced modern life is that our day-to-day life is continually changing. In the morning we might have a very simple and relaxed day, but an hour later that plan has completely changed and we’re now facing an uphill battle. Meetings can change time or location constantly. A digital calendar gives you the benefit of easily being able to change these events without having to cross them out and start again. This keeps your calendar looking cleaner and easier to read. 

Other people can add to it

A great digital calendar is collaborative. Giving other people access to it means they can lock in time to meet with you, go over new ideas, or just catch up for a coffee. It removes the stress of you trying to squeeze people in as they can see when you’re free and when you’re on the grind. Similarly, if your calendar is part of a building management system, every member of your team will automatically have access and be able to add and change events collaboratively. 

If you’re interested in using a digital calendar to set up your own preventative maintenance schedule, head to and start your free trial today.

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