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Why 2022 is your year to use community management features

Why 2022 is your year to use community management features

If you’re not already taking advantage of MYBOS’s community management features, it’s time to start. The last couple of years have really taught the importance of a community, so heading into 2022 you should do your best to help facilitate your building. We’ve listed some features that are worth setting up in 2022. 

Business directory

Australia has slowly but surely opened back up, and with that comes a whole range of shops, cafes and parks for your tenants to visit. The business directory feature allows you to create a database that collates all the local spots in the area into one easy to access location. This gives your tenants access to addresses, numbers and the ability to sort by category. As we start to spend more and more time out of the home again, this really is a perfect tool.  

Bookings and requests

Nothing helps aid a building’s community like making help easily accessible. There are a couple community management features which exemplify this – Maintenance requests and amenity bookings. Giving your building’s community access to these means they can ask for help with asset issues or book out amenities right from their own home. This helps keep your community happy as well as simplifying the work coming in for you. 

Urgent announcements

Emergency water shut down? Lift blocked for servicing? Floor repairs on level 3? Urgent announcements are the quickest way to let your building’s community know. While you will need an up-to-date tenant database with phone numbers and email addresses, you will be able to easily contact your whole database with the touch of a button. This means no more handwritten signs and continual questions. 

Give your building’s community the best, visit and start your trial today.

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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