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What to look for in a hotel manager

If you’re looking for a new hotel manager (or are a hotel manager yourself looking for a new workplace) knowing what key qualities make a great manager is going to put you in a position to find the best candidate possible. Here are our top picks for what to look for. 

They need to collaborate

It doesn’t matter whether it’s with employees, customers or contractors – for a hotel manager, collaboration is key. Building up their skills as a collaborator shows they can work with people on different levels, and they’re more concerned with an amicable agreement than trying to inflate their own ego. A great collaborator remembers to lead with respect and take responsibility in failure. This mentality helps carry them a long way. 

They need to know how to manage finances

If they’re working at a managerial level, knowing how to keep track of and manage finances is a must. More often than not a hotel manager will be in charge of managing financial reports and analysing financial data. The more effectively they can analyse and see patterns in the data, the better informed you will be when it comes to how and where to spend the hotel’s budget. 

They need to be technologically literate

Being technologically literate is a key driving force in how employable a potential hotel manager will be. A good piece of facility management software can help improve the overall productivity and efficiency of a hotel, so you need to know it’s going to be in the right hands. Can they use an asset register, room inspection feature or create reports with data? All of this should inform your decision. 

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