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What owners need in a strata manager

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just entered the world of strata management, or are a seasoned veteran, it’s always worth finding out what might get you your next dream job. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what owners look for when searching for a strata manager, keep reading. We’ve put together a few of the highest sought after qualities owners need in a strata manager.

Varied experience

While talent and hardwork in your career will always have its merits, building owners are drawn to strata managers with well-rounded experience. This doesn’t mean you will have had to work in the industry for decades, but it does mean working with both commercial and residential buildings. The more experience you can get under your belt, the better you can understand the ins and outs of the industry. The wider your experience also means you have more network connections to turn to when you are unsure or need to run over a few ideas. 

A real local

We don’t mean you need to live next door, but rather are familiar with property of a comparable type and size. For example, if the property is a large residential building in the city, having experience with a building that has a similar amount of residents, facilities and amenities will put you far ahead of any competition. If you’re making the jump from organising preventative maintenance for two air conditioners and now have to deal with 200, you might feel a little over your head. 

Above all else, great communication skills

While the previous two points will prove advantageous, above all else owners are looking for a clear, concise and effective communicator. Experience can only take you so far if you don’t know how to deal with every party and coordinate efficiently. Providing transparent information, being readily available, and being able to communicate easily via technology will always put you in the best position. 

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