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What details you should be putting in your asset register

If you’re new to using MYBOS, you might not have made good use of the asset register feature yet. This feature allows you to create and maintain a precise record of every asset in your building. But, as with any database, the more information you can add, the more effective this database will be in the long run. We’ve put together a handful of points to keep in mind when adding your asset register. 

Basic details

While you may think this goes without saying, adding in key basic asset details are often overlooked as people think “No I don’t need to do that, it’s obvious”. However, if an air con or heating unit breaks down, you’ll be relieved to have all the necessary information right in front of you. When adding in details, don’t forget areas such as the asset value, barcode and model number – these may come in handy when you least expect it. 

Warranty information

Thanks to the MYBOS integrated library system, the asset register allows you to upload and digitise documents from instructions to warranties. Having all the information digital and easily accessible is crucial for referring back to details for a contractor in a timely manner. Save yourself time by not having to sort through physical paperwork and update digital documents as you go.  

Asset history

While it does mean making time for it, taking advantage of the asset history feature will allow you to notice patterns in your asset’s behaviour. The history section allows you to add in dates for repairs, the priority of the repair, and the status of that repair (was it completed? Was it done over several days? Was the issue called off?). This allows you to discern if certain assets are more prone to breaking down than others. 

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