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What are the biggest building development trends we’re seeing in 2022?

We’re more than a quarter into the year and, as always, the construction industry is starting to show signs of what the biggest trends of 2022 will be. If you’re looking for inspiration in how to tackle your next project, consider some of the following.

Modular construction

Recent years have seen a shift towards modular construction and we fully expect this trend to continue well into 2022 and beyond. By doing more construction offsite or using more modular components, developers are seeing a significant increase in both keeping costs low and shortening overall construction timelines. If this weren’t enough of a win, modular construction means less wastage. This not only benefits your wallet, but the environment as well. Many developers, both nationally and internationally, and construction companies are making the change towards using more prefab materials where possible. 

Greater tech integration

As technology moves at an exponential rate, many developers are continually leveraging new technologies to enhance their developments and ultimately increase the value of their properties. This integration takes many forms including smart technology, greener energy options, and even software created specifically for easier communication with residents. Even simpler forms of integration such as lobby screens or automated amenity bookings for residents make a significant difference to your completed development. 

Repurposing where possible

Similar to modular design, we’re seeing a growing trend in developments being able to repurpose materials where possible. The creation of concrete is still a significant polluter to the planet, and as major city populations continue to rise, the need to refurbish and divide old buildings means developers are getting more out of pre-existing structures. 

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