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Using software to your advantage

We have put together a list of ways you can use technology to reduce inefficiencies and improve facility management.

1. Improve response times with an easy to use app

Facility management software such as MYBOS allow you to keep in contact with staff and tenants or guests, ensuring you can provide the best possible service at all times. Rooms are kept safe and serviced, with any issues flagged with staff efficiently via the app.

2. Reporting to highlight inefficiencies and a need for resources

Mobile apps such as MYBOS can collect data and provide you team with reports to recognise any inefficiencies in processes. Many organisations do not have adequate systems for managing mobile workers. For facility managers, a lack of transparency regarding mobile workforce often leads to limited task performance visibility and wasted resources. For workers who cannot effectively report on their activities, the lack of communication can lead to lower evaluations. Apps such as MYBOS can provide the necessary solution for transparent and efficient communication through its features.

3. Technology saves time

Technology is an excellent time-saver, it can cut out much of the administrative work associated with running a building. This frees up plenty of time for staff to spend looking after guests and providing an unbeatable level of customer service. It additionally allows simplicity in contacting any tenants or guests in a building, reducing the response times and increasing the rate at which people can get what they need.

4. Improve the efficiency of job dispatching

Managing the tasks of a significant number of mobile workers can also be a challenge, which is where MYBOS can help. Facility managers can easily assign tasks to workers, who can accept, reject or update the tasks. Thus, these apps enable facility managers to make the most out of their workforce.

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