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Tips to give your hotel guests an experience they won’t forget

Tips to give your hotel guests an experience they won’t forget

If you work in hotel management you know one of the best ways to get guests into your hotel is still word of mouth. By providing guests with a unique and tranquil experience, you can make sure your hotel is on everyone’s minds next time they talk about their trip. Keeping this in mind, how do you give your hotel guests an experience they won’t forget? Here are our tips.

Making communication key

There is nothing more frustrating for a hotel guest than not being able to get information. Multiple communication channels are a small but meaningful way you can improve your guests’ experience. By offering standard lines of communication such as a phone number to call or text, social media channels and a 24/7 staff desk, guests will have peace of mind knowing any potential issues or inquiries are easily sorted.

Offering complimentary services

Guests love a freebie. And by offering just a little more than what they expected, guests will come away feeling like they’ve got something extra for free. These extras don’t need to be big either, offering services such as free wifi or a few complimentary snacks from the local area go a long way in improving a guests’ experience. 

Improving your behind the scenes workflow

One of the best ways you can provide an exceptional experience for your hotel guests is to increase productivity behind the scenes by cutting out unnecessary tasks. One of the most effective ways to do this is to implement management software. Through this, you can organise everything from room inspections to contractor databases to managing preventative maintenance. Only when small menial tasks are automated can you really focus on what’s important. 

If it’s time for you to focus on your guests’ experience, visit and try it for yourself.

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