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Tips for preparing your hotel for the holiday season

Coming into the busy holiday season, it’s to be expected that your hotel will have more people through your doors. With more guests and celebrations happening, you must ensure you are adequately managing maintenance at your business in advance, as well as during and after the festive season. Whether it be an increased number of visitors at your hotel or your tenants having guests come to visit the facility, there is a guaranteed uptick in foot traffic, which generally means there is more room for things to go wrong.

Managing maintenance can be a time-consuming element of property management if you don’t have the correct tools and software in place. 

Automation will save you the time and stress of having to manually alert staff and contractors every time maintenance is required. Ensure all your daily systems are up to scratch to enable a smooth flowing hotel and utilise technology to help make managing your maintenance a breeze. Using a calendar with recurring events and automation will minimise maintenance errors. Additionally, an interactive calendar is a great tool to ensure your maintenance is displayed in the same place for all areas.

How you conduct preventative maintenance and maintenance requirements throughout this time will define the experience for your customers and tenants. Make sure that popular areas like pools, shared BBQ areas and gym facilities are well maintained and compliant with any restrictions and cleaning standards – you should expect that these areas will be used more often over the upcoming months. Over this period we also see air conditioners and heaters used more too.

By arranging for all these features to be serviced and pre-booked in for maintenance, your facility will likely be fully functional and run smoothly over the busy period, enhancing the experience of guests and tenants. The bottom line here is that they are likely to revisit your property or extend their stay longer. It also helps to protect your reputation and safeguards the success of your business down the track.

If you need help managing maintenance this holiday season, visit to find out how MYBOS can help your property with maintenance management.

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