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Three ways to streamline the facility management process

Three ways to streamline the facility management process


Having an easy-to-use database is the backbone of organising your working life and making everything effortlessly accessible. Through the use of an advanced database geared towards facility managers, you can organise aspects of your work including defects, asset register, work orders, and even contractor and tenant databases. Not only does this allow for a user friendly experience, but also means you can access these features wherever you are. 

Digital tools

Databases aside, incorporating new digital tools into your workflow is another great way to streamline the facility management process. As an example, take the idea of managing keys within your building. By using software designed to track key registration, you can monitor where every key for your building is at any given time. You can see who is in possession of the key as well as details such as if it is a physical key or a swipe card.

Keeping an organised calendar 

If you’re still using a physical calendar, now is the time to switch to digital. Digital calendars are not only more functional, but allow you to easily change events as they change in real time. Colour coding and setting reminders also enhance the experience so you will never forget if you have a meeting or event. 

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