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Three tips to become a highly successful building manager

Being a building manager can be a highly competitive and demanding profession. From managing preventative maintenance to issuing work orders, there is a lot that goes into each and every day. As such, it’s important in this industry to maintain a competitive edge and to continually improve to stand out from the competition. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together some tips to help you on your way to become a highly successful building manager. 

Set aside time to learn

It doesn’t matter whether you work in strata management, hotel management or even aged care facility management – there is always something new to learn. If you’re serious about excelling in your field, you need to put time aside regularly to keep up with the latest business trends or up-skill yourself. This can come in a variety of different methods from specialist magazines to online courses to in-person training. The key here is to never stop being curious. 

Constantly improve communication

Effectively communication is absolutely key when it comes to building management. You need to be able to coordinate staff, contractors, residents and more. One thing that can really help you become a cut above the rest is investing time into improving the lines of communication. This doesn’t necessarily mean being available 24/7 either. With the use of good building management software you can automate certain procedures so people never need to actually talk to you, they can instantly make a booking or a request without you being needed. Similarly, you can organise mass email and text messages through the same software. 

Make the most out of checklists and procedures

Take the time to create checklists and procedures. Even if you know how to do a task with your eyes closed, creating a thorough checklist or procedure will guarantee you don’t miss a step on a busy day or when something is grabbing your attention. The biggest added benefit of this is it will make delegation and training much easier, meaning you can get back to focussing on the bigger picture sooner.

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