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Three time management tips to boost any strata managers productivity

If you work in strata management, you’ll know just like any other form of facility management, time can easily escape you. You might set out your day and think “I need to get to X, Y and Z completed today” But by the time 5pm rolls around so much else has distracted you that you’ve barely made it to Y. To help you improve your time management skills, we’ve crafted a few tips to make sure you can make it through to Z. 

Know when to batch

Batching is a term for grouping certain items together to complete at the same time. We do this all the time in our personal life with house cleaning, meal prepping, and running errands. So while it may seem obvious to bring into your work life, it can have a profound  impact on your ability to get work done. For example, group your emails to only check two to three times a day, or plan all your meetings back-to-back so they don’t break up the rest of your day. 

Know when to automate

Automation is one of the best techniques that have come out of the 21st century. By implementing facility management technology or software, you can automate menial tasks that would otherwise take up too much time. For example, implement a calendar booking system for your property’s amenities, meaning you don’t have to be involved at all. 

Know when to delegate

Sometimes it can be hard to let go. But part of being in a managerial role is knowing where and how you can delegate to your team. Whether it’s organising contractors or handling the invoicing, training your team to take over work will free you up to focus on the bigger picture. 

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