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Three skills you can bring to facility management from another career

Facility management can be an exciting career with a 1000 different tasks to carry out each day. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding work. If you’ve ever thought about moving into facility management from another career, here are three skills that will serve you well.  

Problem-solving skills

At its most basic form, facility management is just problem-solving. It doesn’t matter what area of facility management you’re in, problems with a building are always going to arise. It’s the facility manager’s job to put together what puzzle pieces they’ve been given, and develop a perfectly shaped final piece. This will help you make sense of numbers and metrics, find areas of improvement and work out how to increase the productivity of your facility as a whole. 

Communication skills

In facility management, when you’re not solving a problem, you’re often communicating the solution with someone. Whether it’s your team, residents, or contractors – communication and collaboration is a key driving skill. It’s important to remember that good communication is about listening just as much as it’s about talking. If you’re not listening to the issues being directed your way, you can’t solve them. 

Technological skills

More and more the industry is moving towards technological integration such as facility management software. The truth is if you’re not actively learning how to implement these technologies into your workflow, you’re going to get left behind. Good facility managers know this and use these technologies every day, as well as constantly searching for ways to improve their relationship with their chosen software. 

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