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The perks of using a business directory

The perks of using a business directory

Simplify the lives of your tenants

Tenants love things to be simplified and easy-to-use. Creating a business directory not only gives them an all access pass to everything there is to see and do in the area, but gives them addresses, contact details and more. This means your directory becomes the go-to platform for having fun and experiencing life in your area. 

Promote the local area

In times like these the importance of comradery and helping each other has never been higher. Take the opportunity to help promote the businesses in your area so they can thrive. This also rewards you further down the road. The more successful businesses in your area are, the more people will want to live there and be close to them. Ultimately the situation helps everyone. 

Create a sense of community

Similarly, a business directory helps to create a sense of community for your tenants too. Creating key areas helps your tenants feel more a part of the community as they can interact with businesses and get to know others who live and work around your property. They may even get to know their fellow neighbours better. 

If you’d like to create a deeper sense of community for your tenants, consider switching to MYBOS. Head to and begin a trial for free. 

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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