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The importance of focusing on occupants

Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking about costs and we forget about one of the most important elements of facility management – people. 

People are what make facility management a necessity, and it is vital to listen to the occupants of a building about their thoughts on day to day processes. Using a resident app such as MYBOS can help you gain information from your tenants in a smooth manner. 

Sometimes, the way occupants treat the building can be exasperating and when things don’t meet their expectations, reactions can be fierce, As facility managers we need to ensure we consider a balanced response, taking on complaints while simultaneously ensuring that staff are comfortable with any necessary changes. Your occupants and visitors may not be shy about voicing their opinions, however don’t take offense to this. Take this as a sign that they care, and taking on their ideas may help you make changes for the better. 

Your occupants are the ones who live their daily lives in the space you have created, so it is important to create a channel for them to communicate their positive thoughts in addition to their concerns. 

The burning question is, how do you get feedback from your occupants who aren’t so inclined to speak up? 

Offer several channels in which they can contact you so they can choose the one in which they feel most comfortable. Some people feel better speaking to people online while others prefer a quick phone call. Whatever the case, offering some kind of incentive to give feedback could also support you in receiving a higher number of occupants giving their opinions when you need it. 

Focusing on what your occupants want will help them to better engage with the building, strata committee and body corporate, taking your service perception to the next level. When you find out what your occupants are looking for, the key is to show quick response times and give regular updates on when the most likely time for their request to be completed. This will reduce stress and give the perception of shorter waiting times. Keeping response times short can be difficult if you are not tracking things properly. Using a facility management software such as MYBOS can help you to take control of response times in addition to speeding up the process of sending updates to those who need it. 

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