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The Future of Hotel Facility Management

The future of hotel facility management is undoubtedly moving towards cloud based solutions, with MYBOS being a leader in the field. Their aim has been creating user-friendly, competitively priced systems accessible for any hotel looking to improve their internal systems. Built from the ground up with the help of Australian managers, MYBOS began by aiding general facility management, before specialising in hotel facility management with its uniquely scalable software. With the likes of Mantra, Accor and Novotel harnessing the software’s innovative approach to hotel management processes, it is clear that not only is MYBOS immensely powerful, it’s also effortlessly simple in both its design and objectives.

Australia has seen an overwhelming boom in hotel building development, with an 8.4% growth in hotel rooms since 2016. With this in mind, it’s important to understand the value of having a portal that tracks. It simplifies everyday hotel management tasks for overall improved company performance. Communication and organisation is key to keeping up with rivals in such an in-demand industry, and it’s MYBOS’s superior operating solutions available on both desktop and mobile that can help you streamline your processes. 

With a range of features, MYBOS has been praised for its advanced asset register, capturing building assets via photograph, location and warranty. Its simple room inspection feature is another element of the software that sets it apart from competitors. This allows hotel management to easily keep track of all routine inspections within the hotel from the ease of their mobile phone. Quoted from Gary Binskin of Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments, Oaks Hotels & Resorts, “Being a large property group, we have trialled a number of building management tools, MYBOS is a very good system overall, effectively saving time & money.” 

The shift from traditional paper-based hotel operations to cloud-based leaves missed opportunities for preventative maintenance or routine inspections behind. This new approach to hotel management is effective in ensuring communication between all relevant parties, whether it be management, staff, customers or contractors is recorded methodically and accurately, and with considerably less room for error. Forget the weight of walkie-talkies and past technologies streamlined facility management has never been more achievable.

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At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
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