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The best ways to employ facility management software into schools

The best ways to employ facility management software into schools

If you work in school facility management, you’re probably thinking it’s about time to implement software into your everyday workflow. Putting a firm and frictionless system in place allows you to not only automate a lot of daily tasks, but also allows you to focus on the bigger picture and ultimately get more done. If it’s time for you to upgrade the way you work, here are a few tips on how to integrate software into your career. 

Keep track of budgets and invoices

Facility management – particularly on the level of managing a school – requires a constant influx of contractors to fix and maintain the integrity of your assets. Facility management software is a great tool to aid you in this with budgeting and invoicing features. Easily add incoming invoices and have the software calculate how much you owe and to who. This also allows you to create easy-to-understand graphs and reports to help you manage your budget. 

Create a preventative maintenance plan

While we’re on the topic of contractors, using a facility management software for schools similar to MYBOS means you can create a preventative maintenance plan to make sure your assets don’t break down when you need them the most. By using the calendar feature you can easily set up what needs to be worked on and when, so you can be proactive instead of reactive. 

Manage school equipment

You can further maintain your assets by using the asset registry feature. This allows you to add in all relevant information (model numbers, dates of purchase, who to contact in case of an emergency) so you won’t be caught out if something unexpected happens to your school equipment. 

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