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The benefits of collaborative software

As your team grows and more and more people start to work under you, it becomes evident that keeping everyone across the ins and outs of your business is important not only from a communication perspective, but also from a productivity point of view. For this reason, implementing collaborative software into your business can significantly improve everyone’s workflow. Here are a few ways we think collaborative software will benefit your business. 


Reporting and analytics are the best way to track your progress and spot any irregularities that need to be improved in your business. Collaborative software takes this a step further, with a full team able to update any data or changes in real time, you can automatically produce reports that are completely up to date. Not only this, but you can reflect on these statistics as a team and identify areas of improvement. 

Library access

If you haven’t gone paperless in your office yet, now is the perfect time. Creating an online library with access to all your important documents allows your team to find exactly what they need at the click of a button. It doesn’t matter whether it’s floor plans, work health and safety forms, or compliance documents – they’re all there. This also means if any documents are updated, you simply need to reupload them and the whole team has access to the latest version. 


Databases are one of those features you don’t think about needing to share with people until you do. If something breaks down in your building and you’re not there to deal with it, it can be an issue for your team to contact the appropriate people without access to your contacts. This is why making sure everyone has access to an online database – whether it be for contractors, tenants, or more – will give you peace of mind knowing if anything urgent happens, the right people will be contacted. 

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