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Streamlining Building and Facilities Management

Regardless of whether you’re independent in your facilities management, or you outsource a manager – building management requires experience, education and insight to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here we offer four tips on how to streamline the building and facilities management process.

Know the difference between preventative, predictive, and reactive maintenance

Facilities managers generally use three approaches when it comes to building maintenance, these are:

Preventative – Conducting regular inspections and making appropriate repairs before something breaks.

Predictive – Using technology to determine when a problem will occur and conducting maintenance accordingly.

Reactive – Waiting for issues to occur before they’re fixed. 

Reactive maintenance is the most common form of maintenance as it’s often perceived to be the cheaper option. This however is rarely the case. By harnessing either preventative or predictive maintenance as your go-to, you will more than likely save money in the long run.

Utilise technology and software to organise and access information

With software such as MYBOS now on the market, management has the ability to streamline and organise their everyday tasks. This can include everything from:

  • Logging and tracking visitors
  • Security
  • HVAC management
  • Compliance
  • General maintenance
  • Monitoring energy and water use

And much more.

Lower your operational costs

Finding ways to cut costs is one of the most important duties of a facilities manager, especially considering the costs of maintenance services add up quickly. A great tip for lowering your operational costs includes replacing older lighting with LEDs – this should provide monthly savings on your building’s electricity bill.  Increasing the level of insulation in your building is another great cost saver. This can translate to installing energy-efficient windows or re-insulating the roof. Both options will require upfront costs, but in the long run, they’ll help to reduce your operational costs.

Always have a maintenance schedule

Successful building management is all about planning. Make sure every job that needs completing has a schedule and each piece of machinery or equipment you use is logged. This not only ensures that everything stays in tip-top condition, it means you can spot any problems and issues before they become difficult or costly to repair. We advise breaking this down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, allowing you to share responsibilities between staff.

If you’d like to talk to our talented MYBOS team about what a truly scalable cloud-based building management platform can deliver, please contact us today.

Support on Demand

At MYBOS, we offer on demand technical support services to help clients keep their operations running smoothly. Our team of
experts provide fast and reliable assistance to solve any issue. 

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