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Staying on top of major repairs within strata developments

Although it is the owner’s responsibility, both financially and legally, to carry out the major maintenance and repairs required under a strata contract, it is often left up to strata managers to complete the work instead.

This involves organising the tradespeople, letting tenants know about the work required, and ensuring the work carried out is up to scratch.

Organising major maintenance work
Often, it’s not simply the logistics of the repairs that need to be organised, but also the strata funds. This includes estimating how much money will be required to complete the job, and deciding which strata fund the money is to come from.

The MyBos app can assist with this organisation thanks to its budget and invoicing function, which allows users to quickly approve invoices.

This means you can communicate with the facility owners swiftly, getting them to sign off on costs so you can move ahead with the maintenance and repair work needed.

Staying on top of routine maintenance
Of course, to avoid major works and maintenance, it’s often best to simply stay on top of the routine maintenance in the first place.

MyBos, the building management system, can assist with this through its work orders function, allowing you to see what maintenance is needed and when. When you see scheduled maintenance on the calendar, you can quickly book a tradesperson via the contractor database, where all contractor information is stored.

Informing tenant and owners on their rights and responsibilities
Good strata management needs good residential communication. By clearly communicating to both the tenant and owner about what is required from them for the completion of repairs and maintenance, it’s much easier to keep both sides happy.

Why use MyBos?
MyBos allows you to easily see all that’s involved in the strata management of your properties through its building management portal. Connect with other managers and ensure the maintenance operations run as smoothly as possible. You can also make all communication look professional by crafting your own residential website landing page and customising all your emails with your logo.

With more than half of those surveyed in a recent questionnaire stating they were unhappy with their strata manager’s major repair and maintenance procedures, it’s evident that caretakers are falling behind when it comes to what is expected of them.

Get on top of your management skills today by using MyBos, the leading building management software, to help you coordinate everything you need for successful building management.

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