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Our top three video tutorial recommendations

Our video tutorial library is a rich inventory of how-tos for all your favourite MYBOS features. If you’re new to MYBOS, or haven’t made the most of the library, here are our top three tutorial picks to get you started. 

Asset register quick overview

If you only pick one tutorial to watch, this is it. Getting into a good habit of utilising your asset register to its full potential is not only good practice, but will have a fundamental impact on how well you can use other features of the software. Your contractor database, preventative maintenance schedule, and work orders all have a direct connection to your asset register – so taking the time to set it up properly now will have huge benefits further down the line. 


Creating inspection template

Creating an inspection template tutorial is another example of taking the time to set features up properly now to make you more productive further down the line. Depending on what area of facility management you’re in, room or area inspections are a regular part of your job. If so, setting up the right kind templates based on the building type, room type and inspection reason can give you what is essentially a full arsenal of options ready to go if and when an inspection is required. 


Parking breaches quick overview

The parking breaches feature is less commonly used, but can become incredibly useful if used correctly – which is why it makes the list. If you’re managing a commercial building, larger residential building, or hotel, then you’ll know parking breaches are inevitable. With this feature you can enter the date of breach, vehicle make and registration, the type of beach, as well as an image of the breach itself. This allows you to collate a list of repeat offenders to look out for. 

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