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Managing routine inspections stress-free

Routine inspections are a critical process undertaken in all buildings to help maintain the standard of a building to its very best. When an inspection is undertaken, it helps to ensure the safety, appearance, cleanliness, and ensures problems are inspected and managed. Without doing so, it can lead to bigger problems down the track that could be more costly to fix. This means that it’s vital that this process is correctly done on a regular basis and then communicated effectively to all the related parties if action is required. 

When it comes to carrying out these inspections, there are a few things that software can assist with to make it a stress-free process each and every time. By using software to record findings from routine inspections, it means you are able to easily pass or fail requirements of the inspection by a click of a button. Another perk of using software is that you can create templates for inspection types, automatically send reminders and categorise them for management ease. Technology allows you to sort by a date range for past inspection history rather than sorting through piles of paper. You can be rest assured knowing that technology will ensure all the reports are in one easy to find place. 

Once an inspection is complete, it’s crucial that the findings are communicated in a timely and appropriate manner to the right parties such as tenants and management teams. By utilising technology, you’re able to send the reports off right away via email without having to worry about creating multiple copies and finding a way to physically transport the report to the correct people. Technology means that the tenants can also access the reports easily on file whenever they would like. 

Fortunately, buildings and facilities that use MYBOS are equipped with this technology and get to experience an easier and streamlined approach to managing their routine inspections. If you want to find out more about implementing this technology, head to and book in a free demo today.

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