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Key data every facility manager should track

There are many pieces of data that facility managers have at their fingertips through their software, however some data is more meaningful than its counterparts. Over time, there are many metrics you should track to ensure your facility isn’t just running smoothly but is improving over time. 

Preventative Maintenance

By ensuring your assets are recorded you can prioritise preventative maintenance. This isn’t simply proactive but can help to avoid expensive repairs. Rather than waiting for tenants to report small faults, you can take control of your facilities upkeep. By utilising facility management software, you can use calendar features to create timelines for when maintenance should occur. This can give managers a set date to work towards. 


Keep on top of your budget by utilising your data and tracking your costs over time through facility software management. By using reporting features, you can see where you’re spending the most and make educated decisions. The software allows you to track your budgets and easily promote transparency and accuracy. This makes it easy to revisit and update over time.

Work Orders 

There’s more to work orders than simply staying on top of your maintenance. As a facility manager, you should be tracking response times of fulfilling repair requests. This can be beneficial to investigate delays and improve your process to ensure prompt fixes. 

Occupancy Rates and Isolation

During this time, keeping track of occupancy rates can be a helpful tool in understanding how your business is tracking. This is particularly important for those businesses who may have isolated COVID-19 cases within the building. 

Once you are able to track your data, you can improve upon your facility. MYBOS has the tools to ensure you’re tracking the right data to make timely and informed decisions. Take control of your property with our all in one maintenance platform. Book a free demo today.

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