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Is it time for you to access the power of our budgeting and invoicing feature?

This week, we here at MYBOS are continuing our feature series, where we offer a few tips and tricks on some of our features so you can get the most out of your MYBOS experience. This time around, we’re making sure you’re accessing the power of our budgeting and invoicing feature.  

The remaining column

An incredibly small column with a large effect on workflow, the remaining column in the invoice feature allows you to see how much money you have remaining to pay on each and every invoice you haven’t completed. For facilities that handle large amounts of money, this means being able to keep on track of what needs to go where (and how much). No longer will invoicing require a spreadsheet – all your information is in one place.  

Connectivity with cases

The beauty of integrating as much of your workflow into the MYBOS system as possible, is in its connectivity. In the case of invoicing, you can easily click through to see the actual jobs that were lodged by staff, residents, or preventative maintenance calendar. This means if you need to backtrack to see why exactly a plumbing pipe broke, you can. Cases allow you to add everything from asset information to imagery, so getting everything you need is just a click away. 

Approved invoices

While the above features add small ways to increase your workflow, The approved invoice tab is the secret workhorse of the invoicing feature. By switching over to this tab, you are able to see a complete history of every approved and complete invoice your facility has had. This means when it comes time to report to the ATO for the quarter, you’ll be in a much better position than if everything was scattered or even stored physically. The key here is to do the hard work now to make life easier later on. 

Ready to simplify the budgeting and invoicing? Head over to and experience the difference today.

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