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Is 2021 finally the year to go completely paperless?

Take Inventory

When you start out, you are probably caught between two worlds. Some paperwork comes in electronically and some is still being kept physically. Make a list of which is which, then begin to make your way through cancelling any physical mail (bills and etc) and moving them over to email. Anything physical that needs to be kept can simply be scanned and uploaded to your computer.

Store your files together

Picking one central service to store all your files streamlines the process of searching for them, while making it easier to organise everything in the one place. There are many different cloud storage programs to choose from, so consider your needs and what works best for you. Take into account your team and how many people will need to access the same files. Making sure you can access these files from any device means you won’t be caught out in a meeting or when you’re on the go.

Consider ways to further reduce paper

Files are one thing, but there are a number of other ways to reduce your paper use. Integrating interactive digital forms, using devices for meetings, and switching to e-signatures all help to make sure you won’t need to print a sheet of paper. Integrating this way of thinking into your work life can then carry over into your personal life, creating consistency across all areas of your life.

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