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Intangible assets valued by tenants

As a tenant, there are many intangible assets that are valued. Whilst beautiful pools, communal entertaining areas, and well-kept gardens are valued by tenants, there are some intangible assets under the category of communication that are significant to tenants’ experience while residing at your property. It’s important to not overlook these areas and to ensure you have a strategy around them. 

Strong communication 

As a tenant, you want a strong line of communication from your property manager. Whilst it may be challenging to communicate face to face on a regular basis, you can utilise online communication when face to face isn’t possible. By doing this, you are helping to build and sustain a relationship which has short term and long term benefits. In the short term, the tenants feel like they have a relationship with their property manager and in the long term, it means they will think more highly towards the property. 

Property transparency 

Tenant’s value knowing what is happening at their property, simply put – they want property transparency. Whether it be something small or something big happening at your property, a tenant wants to know about it. They are paying to reside there and it’s either their short-term or long-term home and they deserve to be kept in the loop with any property updates or planned maintenance. By ensuring your tenants are updated regularly, it shows your tenants you value them and helps to nurture your relationship. 

Ability to report issues

No one wants to feel like their voice isn’t heard. As a tenant, if there’s an issue that needs to be reported to the property manager, they want to be able to easily report it and know that it’s been taken care of in a timely manner. After all, they are paying you for goods and services (your property). 

Nailing all three areas of communication can be challenging, which is why at MYBOS, our software helps you achieve a strong line of communication between you and your tenants. Explore how MYBOS can help you with this by booking a free demo at

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