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How your building analytics can work for you

If you’re in facility management, data is one the most crucial tools in your belt for making well-informed decisions. Without data, your decisions are purely based upon your emotions and general judgments, which is why you need both qualitative and quantitative data from reports to make the best possible decisions and gather accurate insights on how your building is performing. Keeping that in mind, here are three way you can make your building analytics work for you.  

Data on your building’s performance

Regular building reports allow you to see a snapshot of your building and diagnose areas for improvement. This information allows you to make decisions or further follow up issues with the corresponding teams. These reports also act as a great tool to easily make comparisons between particular time frames, which would otherwise be a much harder and time consuming process. 

Eliminate the unnecessary

Building analytics are critical for automation. Instead of asking different departments for daily, weekly, or monthly updates, a report is able to gather this information for you. You may still need to discuss areas further, but the initial collating of information is all done for you. This ultimately saves you time and the hassle of chasing people up – the software does this for you.

Identifying areas of concerns

As we mentioned earlier, a building management report highlights areas of concern in your building. If, for example, you noticed a recurring issue with the air conditioning unit on level five, you could make adjustments in your budget and preventative maintenance schedule to give more money and time into looking after it. Or simply weigh up the costs and buy a new unit.

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