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How to take advantage of calendar bookings this summer

How to take advantage of calendar bookings this summer

This summer is the perfect time to take advantage of automated calendar bookings, and it’s no wonder why. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in strata management, development or hotel management – using software in conjunction with your calendar makes perfect sense so you know what needs to be done and when. Here are just a few ways you can utilise this feature over summer, meaning you have more time to relax.

Preventative maintenance

Taking the time to go through and assess which assets need to be looked at and when is the easiest way to take advantage of calendar bookings. While it may take some time to set up a preventative maintenance schedule, your building’s assets will be carefully checked prior to needing any major repairs done. This is not only a proactive approach, but during the hot summer when air conditioners are getting a workout, it’s really a necessity.

Maintenance requests

While on the topic of maintenance, a preventative schedule will reduce a lot of friction – but there is always the unexpected. By setting up a way for those in the building to place requests, there will be a quicker turnaround and overall less work for you. The request gets made digitally and sent directly to your phone or computer. From there you can contact a contractor and get it sorted without having to get out of your seat. 

Amenity bookings

Similarly, giving those in the building the ability to book amenities means there is less coordination on your part. People are able to see, as an example, when the tennis court is available and when it isn’t. They can find and select a free time that works for them, book it in, and then that’s it. In a lot of instances this means you don’t even need to interact with the bookings as they are simply automatically managed by software.

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