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How to successfully manage preventative maintenance in your building


The first step in managing preventative maintenance is to carefully create a plan. Start by creating a list of the assets and equipment in your building that will frequently need check ups. From there, work out the individual frequency for each of those check ups. It is also crucial to make note of which tasks are absolutely mandatory and which could be optional depending on the frequency. 


From here the next step is to lay all your information out in an easy to understand visual format. While this can be done a number of ways, a calendar is by far the simplest to understand. Making use of building management software will also allow you to use an interactive calendar so you can put in as much detail as required while also allowing you to easily move maintenance around if an emergency arises. 

Follow through

While you can plan and visualise all you want, the most important aspect of a preventative maintenance plan is to actually follow through with the program you have put in place. By making sure the maintenance is conducted regularly and efficiently, it will not only be a load off your mind, but will free up that mind to work on more important tasks at hand. 

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