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How to prepare for a seasonal change in your building

To begin your preparation, start by thinking about which resources or assets in your building haven’t been used for some time that might need some extra maintenance. For example, if you’re a hotel and you’re about to come into summer, think about areas such as outdoor pools, tennis courts or outdoor entertaining areas that might need an extra clean and attention to ensure it’s looking it’s very best for your guests to use. On the other hand, if you’re about to go into winter, it’s likely that heaters will be used more. Ensure your building’s heating facilities are ready to be utilised again and are under ready for large volumes of use. When it comes to the first cold day of the season, this will help avoid an influx of complaints from residents or guests saying their heating isn’t working.

Once all your amenities are prepared, the next step is to make sure your building has a plan of action for ongoing maintenance. It’s important to ensure the correct time and resources have been allocated to each area that requires on-going maintenance. Be sure to allocate extra maintenance checks for those areas which may be used more in the new season. 

When it comes to managing the maintenance day in and day out, technology can be a super useful tool. Technology can help assign maintenance, automate maintenance reminders and streamline maintenance reporting. Not only does it do all of this, but it can mean that maintenance can be managed in a transparent way for all areas of management to easily stay updated and informed.

If you want to make managing maintenance a breeze during the change of season, find out how you can start using the technology mentioned above with the user-friendly MYBOS software. Head over to to start your free trial today. 

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