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How to get the most out of the MYBOS shift log feature

The MYBOS shift log feature is a fantastic tool to help you and your team diarise your daily activities, and can be used by more than just facility managers – including your team’s concierge, security team and more. It creates a digital paper trail so your whole team can look back and find information on certain topics as and when they need. If you’d like to get the most out of the shift log feature, here are a few tips. 

Add detailed comments

This seems fairly obvious, but it’s important to make it clear. The more detail you add into the comments section initially, the more information you’ll have if and when you need to review your entry. Be sure to add key details such as the reason for your entry, any accompanying personnel, and any details you will need to follow up on later. You can also attach any relevant photos or documents as required. 

Respond to comments

It’s also important to respond to comments as appropriate. Again, the more detail you add here (whether that’s follow up information, questions, or further documents, will help flesh out a well rounded log. Comments can be followed up at any time, so remember to do so when you need to revisit an old log. 

Make good use of the export feature

Even a well-rounded and thoroughly well-documented log is just one part of a bigger picture. With the export feature, you can download select log periods as a PDF, Word doc or Excel file. This means you can take any recorded information and make it part of a larger project, file, or any other kind of documentation. 

Start using the shift log today. Head over to and experience the difference.

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