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How to future-proof your development

For centuries, many urban areas have been the engines for growth. With the current technological trends, urban areas have better and more sustainable opportunities to make this growth more inclusive to citizens. The pressure to make cities perform within the recommended global marketplace guidelines takes centre stage and therefore the need to create urban places that offer conducive living places for the present and the future is more urgent than ever. Below are some of the guidelines that can help to future proof urban development.

Use technology to simplify complexities

We are in the era of technology and many urban areas can use this to simplify some complexities. Technology makes many opportunities available to citizens for better growth. Establishing a digital world where everyone is inclusive is one way of fostering growth, making it easier for citizens to get faster access to most of the essential services.

People, especially those that are not in a position to own bank accounts, can still access their social benefits digitally and electronically, and therefore still build good credit scores. People receiving money electronically are in better positions to save in formal and more secure ways.

The MYBOS system allows business properties to be managed with technology, which is both cost-effective and secure. The system takes control of all building management and communication processes in one roof. What is even better is that you can download the MYBOS App and safeguard your building from whichever place is comfortable and suitable.

Work on the transport industry

With the increasing number of people living in cities, the number of vehicles on the road increases on a daily basis. This becomes a problem due to congestion and lack of parking space. The most common advice for governments would be to widen the roads or create more parking spaces, but the best solution is actually to improve public transit. This helps to decongest the cities as it encourages more people to use public transport and leave their cars at home.

The more vehicles there are on the road, the higher the level of pollution. Therefore, by trying to decongest the city, you are not only encouraging many car owners to save on fuel but you are also minimising carbon monoxide emissions in the city. A less polluted city means better health for all.

Create more recreational places

Do not forget that relaxation and play is good for both adults and children. While you are trying to improve the cities, do not forget to create places where people can go to relax and have fun. Relaxation also helps the brain to become more creative which in turn leads to better productivity. Features to consider developing for people’s relaxation are sports grounds, art galleries, theatres and theme parks.

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